Interested participants may submit a 2-3 page position paper in the CSCW format via email to Position papers should briefly describe all or a subset of the following:

  1. Results of your formative work (if applicable)
  2. A summary of your research questions and the methods that you have used or plan to use
  3. A description of the populations with whom you have experience or intentions of working
  4. Note any existing tensions you see within this community and as a result of their presence in this community, proposed technologies created or explored within these communities, and reflections about the methods used.

Deadline: December 30, 2016  Deadline Extended to January 9, 2017!

Accepted Submissions:

We are excited to share position papers that were submitted and accepted to the workshop!

Developing Co-Research Techniques for Effective Work with Underserved and Underrepresented Teens (pdf). Authors: Margaret Buck and Rachel M. Magee

Before, During, and After: Research with Older Adults with Vision Impairments (pdf). Author: Robin N. Brewer

Data-Related Challenges of Non-Profit Organizations Focused on Human Rights Violations in Mexico (pdf). Authors: Adriana Alvarado Garcia and Lynn Dombrowski

Reverberations of Trauma and Marginalization When Engaging in Community-Based Research with Criminalized Young Women of Color (pdf). Authors:  Kenneth B. Nimley, Amira F. Kinlaw, and Gabriela Marcu

Using Participatory Design to Give Foster Teens a Voice in Designs for Their Own Online Safety (pdf). Authors: Pamela Wisniewski, Karla A. Badillo-Urquiola, Mel Stanfil, and Anastasia Salter

Supporting Entrepreneurship in Underserved Populations (pdf). Author: Julie Hui

Designing for Newly Resettled Refugees in the United States (pdf). Authors: Prakriti Kaini and Reema Upadhyaya

Public Design for Underserved Communities: a European Case Study (pdf). Authors: Mariacristina Sciannamblo, Maurizio Teli, and Peter Lyle

ShareBox: Designing Sharing Technology for Low-Resource Communities (pdf). Authors: Matt Law, Emily Sun, and Mor Naaman

An Ethical Logic of Design Practice (pdf). Authors: Jenna Burrell

Lessons from the field: Using Design Methods in Rural Kenya (pdf). Author: Susan Wyche

Discursive Shaping of Place: Discourse, Design, and Gentrification (pdf). Author: Eric Corbett

Refugee & Forced Migration Informatics: Call for a New CSCW Research Area? (pdf). Author: Amirah M. Majid

Good Design Won’t Save the World (And What to Do About It) (pdf). Author: William Marler

ICT Design for Facilitating More Effective Participate of Saudi Arabian Women in the Workforce (Unavailable). Authors: Majdah Alshehri and Areej Alwabil